Planned Updates!

We are sharing with you some possible Drive Alive updates that you will likely be seeing in the next few months.

Please help us improve our program by informing us on any issues you find while playing, thanks!

Minor Updates

  • On-screen text (Mini-games 2 and 3).

On-screen instructional text for mini-games 2 (cup filling with water) and 3 (reaction time test) will hopefully help our users feel more engaged, as well as help prevent confusion and possible input errors.

Screenshots of current version of mini-game 2 (left) and mini-game 3 (right).

  • Randomize circle movement (Mini-game 1).

You may have noticed that the movement of the circles in mini-game 1 is not randomized. One of our development goals is to randomize circle movement in this mini-game, so each playthrough is different/unique. 

Screenshot of current version of mini-game 1.

  • Return to main menu option after test.

After a user completes the Drive Alive test, their only option is to exit the program. We would like to change this so that the user may return to the program's title screen and, if desired,  play the mini-games again.

Major Updates

  • More user input (Mini-games 7 and 9).

Both mini-games 7 (identify coloured text) and 9 (identify colour that flashed on screen) require more input options, as both only ask the user one question. It would be more accurate and beneficial to us creators if more user input was obtained during the run-times of these mini-games.

Screenshots of current version of mini-game 7.
Screenshots of current version of mini-game 9.

  • Sounds.

After visual issues are sorted out, we would like to add sound effect and/or music to the Drive Alive program. This feature will make the game even more enjoyable and entertaining.

  • Comparison of user's results and average results.

This could help the user further understand the affect that alcohol has on their overall skills, senses and motor functions. It also gives them another option (other than quitting the program) after they complete the Drive Alive test. 

  • BAC calculator implementation.

Including the user's calculated Blood Alcohol Concentration would help them learn more about the dangers of drinking and driving and hopefully about how much alcohol is too much for the user to consume. This update would require a longer pre-test quiz, with questions about the user's height and the amount of alcohol they had consumed in the last 24 hours.

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